Friday :: Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween Blogaround

by paradox

Feel free to add any you like in the comments.

Al (Anonymous Liberal): Would conservatives please stop insulting our intelligence with claims they see no racial tactics in the McCain Campaign?

MsSpentyouth (Daily Kos): Totally inspiring and humbling service record.

Jane Hamsher (FireDogLake): Fight the Blue Dog menace.

BooMan (Booman Tribune): Be very lucky the barbarians only want to defeat you electorally, Republicans, half of you should end up in the slammer instead of just losing an election.

Jag Davies (ACLU Blog): I may change my mind and vote for Prop 5; it’s absurd this is a ballot measure, the Legislature should have deliberated and worked it up, but it makes so much sense and performs so much good in the world I may break my rule of reflexively voting No on all initiatives. How I loathe the stupid, disastrous “war” on drugs.

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