Saturday :: Nov 1, 2008

For the Country

by paradox

I’m going to take the advice of the incomparable Digby of Hullabaloo and reach out to the people I know in the next three days and gently remind them voting is so very important this year. It’s a big GOTV step for me, I fundamentally do not believe in butting into people lives on the phone or the doorstep to sell something, politics or a product, it makes no difference. It seriously irritates me when it happens in my own life, how can I then go do it myself?

But for people I know, well, I’m no stranger and I simply have to do something, my amazingly energetic brothers and sisters in the tubes are making me feel guilty with my privacy rationalizations. It won’t be that hard and it’s good for the country.

After reading Hilzoy at the Washington Monthly this morning I fervently hope that the mechanics of our democracy do not vanish off the public agenda with so many urgent problems confronting us, we need to take care of them for the good of the country. After eight years of deliberate neglect and fervent liberal criticism it’s very important the blogosphere and the Democratic party deliver for the democracy, in their own way democracy mechanisms are just as crucial as that odious financial system. 1

National voter registration performed by the government, as Hilzoy says, is a terrific idea that needs to be spread as often as possible. It’s easy to do and immediately beneficial, I’ve registered thousands of California voters in a tiny, futile attempt at something that could be performed so much better by government. Go national government registration.

As written before early voting is a sparkling development of democracy goodness that needs to spread to every state in the union. Suppression tactics are significantly negated and the absurd democracy-crusher of voting on a winter weekday is tossed out the window, finally.

Our primary system is a mess. Not only is it too long, it’s split in voting mechanisms, plain voting and caucus. I don’t hold much hope that primaries could one day be five regions—five election days—over eight weeks, but I do very much believe Howard Dean should advance eliminating caucus primary voting for the 2012 cycle. That’s a daunting task to get all caucus states to convert for 2012, yes, but we have to do something, no Democrat alive can honestly say our primary process is functioning properly, the least we can try is to get the voting mechanism consistent.

Again, going forward these democracy elements will tend to get pushed aside in frantic rush to attempt fixing everything else, but that does not mean we should ignore them. For ourselves, for voters everywhere, and the good of the country.

[1] In the spirit of, well, whatever, can we just take a moment to point out how freaking good women political bloggers have become? Digby. Jane Hamsher. Joan McArter. Arianna Huffington. Melissa McEwan. Christy Harden Smith. Amanda Marcotte. Hilzoy. Mary. Sarah Robinson. Athenae. Amanda Terkel. Georgia Logothetis.

Where we would be without them I do not ever want to wonder. As for the small representation of female http publishing talent in that list: wow. Just wow.

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