Monday :: Nov 3, 2008

Good Luck and Please Stay Safe, Senator Obama

by paradox

I was amused—as I unfailingly am—reading E.J. Dionne Jr. this morning and his description of the blogosphere as “often-irate.” Me? Irate? Ha, of course I break every polite writing convention I possibly can, and I make no excuses for occasionally getting profanely furious with my text. I answer to one except those like myself, the little people, with problems and issues and bad days. I don’t have an editor or the luxury of publishing twice a week, so if the mendacious twits who often dare to call themselves journalists and public servants in DC don’t like it oh well and too fucking bad.

Now then. I’m sure many readers have noticed over the course of the campaign I have not waxed poetically on the virtues of Senator Obama, as Dionne does this morning. There are several reasons for this, but one was never because I was a supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton, okay? Jesus.

History has shown us to be extremely wary of the cult of personality, and in no way do I mean to imply Senator Obama’s followers fit that description in any sense, I just don’t inherently look for a single man or woman to be a political savior.

Neither did the Founders, the record is crystal clear that Congress was given far greater authority and powers than the President in the constitution. Since Roosevelt in the 1930’s the Presidency has exponentially grown in power and influence, much to the detriment of the country, in my opinion.

I will allow that advocating for Legislative control of the country is very likely a fool’s errand, biologically and tribally humans like to follow a leader. The Articles of Confederation preceding the Constitution failed without a leader, and the eventual 20th century progression of the Executive can plainly be seen as an inevitable human evolution, we’ll always gravitate toward the Presidency, not Congress, we’re wired that way.

The third reason I am not an fervent Obama supporter is I’m wary of being let down--painfully, crushingly let down. It has nothing to do with Obama as a politician, all right? It does have everything to do with an American system that can be highly, easily obstructive coupled with a viciously stupid, rapaciously corporate journalism corps. I will hope and work—I have done my part this cycle, believe me—toward an Obama victory for a man I greatly admire, but I’m simply cautious. Once bitten.

Even though Obama hasn’t won yet it is perfectly valid to shower accolades and congratulations on the Obama campaign, which has smashed many metrics for citizen involvement, employed peerless marketing techniques, fully embraced the internet and employed a revolutionary ground game. As far as campaigning goes Obama is a great leader, no doubt of that.

Which brings us to my final element of restraint for the man, by far the most irrational of them all: fear. Political violence has a long history in our country, and as Digby has said many times Palin and the Republicans played with fire far too many times this election, they never incited violence, no, but basically accusing someone of treason invites the logical consequence of it to a fevered, ill Republican mind.

I’m very afraid that something horrible could happen, yes, the consequences of which would be so disastrous I dare not even think of them. Fear does not motivate any avenue of my life, I’m deliriously happy to have a black Democratic candidate to serve, but…please Jesus, let nothing happen and keep Senator Obama safe, yes.

Other very well-earned accolades of Senator Obama will have to wait until after the election, as they should. Meantime god bless, be well and please stay safe, Senator Obama.

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