Tuesday :: Nov 4, 2008

All Hail the Internets

by paradox

“They [the Obama campaign] were Apollo 11, and we were the Wright Brothers,” Joe Trippi says in the New York Times this morning, evoking an enormously satisfying nostalgia for days only five years gone. I vividly remember chatting with Joe Trippi in blog comment screens in 2003, thrilled and fascinated to be exploring new avenues of politics and empowerment for the little people.

Sorta creepy, Atrios wrote last night, noting the Obama campaign had correctly just emailed him his polling place location for the election. From a computing and information access viewpoint this isn’t difficult at all, but in a way the detailed, intricate power of the web applied through fervently political thinking brains has an intimidating power to it, yes.

Waiting for election results is a good time for reflection, and while noting my propensity to be a drama queen with voluminous text on all the glory that is hypertext protocol I still think today is a very, very special one in my life. Apollo 11 is about to touch down for those who have labored and advocated a new and desperately needed American politics through the screens, and I can hardly believe this dream became reality, I’ll be so damned.

My part in this has been very, very tiny, I’m no hotshot publisher or wizard programmer and hardly much of a writer, but I do think I can reliably articulate a worldview of a little person in need of good government, in my way, fairly consistently. From the very beginning of American political pixels I’ve been fortunate to help and contribute in a lot of ways beyond writing, too, and despite all my many mistakes I can know I’ve done all right for a great thing. Without getting into it, that’s not exactly a common reaction to looking back on my life.

Ahem. Pessimism and cynicism begone, dreams becoming reality rule the day, all day. They truly do.

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