Tuesday :: Nov 4, 2008

I'm Off to Vote

by paradox

Only a few blocks away, a nice walk on a beautiful California morning.

I am not sure about further posts in the day, I was mellow early this morning but now I'm getting tense again, I'm worried about Prop. 8 passing, it's very important that be defeated.

There are many media sources to track the election results tonight, but in honor of the Bloggrandfather I'll be with the Great Satan tool, I like and admire Hunter, and it is very cool.

UPDATE: A nice walk and a short wait, everything was fine, except I fucked up and wore my Hero (Kerry) / Zero (Bush) sweatshirt from the 2004 Democratic Underground campaign, the poll workers made me take it off. I was nice about it, they were nice about it....I had no idea that clothing stuff was taken seriously.

Rebellion is usually a very good thing, but not at the polling place, I was a little bummed it happened. But it was all very smooth, the vote has been cast. Yeah.

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