Wednesday :: Nov 5, 2008

That Was Then

by paradox

Readers will have to forgive me for not being appropriately giddy this morning at the thank-God Federal Presidency win of Barack Obama, for we have had a disaster of bigotry here in California, worthy of its own post later today but presently cracking a prism of grim outlook on an otherwise pretty morning.

Realism can be a real bitch of a killjoy, and although Snoopy dances are sure to scurry forth from my feet this day the implacable reality of where we are as a country and a people force the subject of this post: the agenda President-Elect Obama ran on is almost useless, good for a blueprint of principles of where we should go, yes, but woefully short of what’s needed.

The agenda on Obama’s website was developed over 18 months in the most careful, deliberative manner possible with an electoral win always in mind, yet in the last 60 days the economy completely blew up and the win is now in the bag. Campaign promises and agenda? That was then.

Now we are in the ditch. We are so in a ditch as a county the mother of all ditches clutches her pearls at the sight of it. Clean coal? Emissions goals thirty years out? Please, that’s never going to fly. A crash federal program for electric cars from a nationalized Chrysler is more like it, and that’s just for energy and the coming automotive bailout.

What are my specific demands for the agenda of President-Elect Obama? Nothing, so far, I’m more than prepared to be the loyal soldier, as long as the expectation is stated clearly to the people in the next few weeks the agenda for next January is going to be far more aggressive than previously stated. This is no time for caution or centrism.

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