Wednesday :: Nov 5, 2008

Truth And Reconciliation

by Turkana

I've been out of commission the past few days, but Meteor Blades yesterday explained the necessity of holding the Bush criminals accountable.

Barack Obama's promises of a broad bipartisan focus on solving our country's problems may prove as wise as the similar message of the Civil War president whose words echoed in the Grant Park speech. But that healing cannot occur, not wholly, unless the crimes that have brought our nation to such a ruinous condition - morally, economically and politically - are investigated thoroughly and a proper penalty imposed. Most importantly, the bent machinery that allowed, nay encouraged, those crimes must be rebuilt with safeguards so that they never occur again. That's not vengeance. It's justice. And true healing and progress cannot come about without it.

We are a nation of laws or we aren't. We are all equal under the law or we aren't. And if we once again allow criminal Republicans to get away with their crimes, they will eventually find their ways back to the corridors of power where they can engage in new and ever more sinister depredations.

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