Friday :: Nov 7, 2008

Can We Please Get Some Change at the Airport?

by paradox

Other than an overall desire that life get better for all of our people I really don’t have too many specific wishes for immediate change implemented by the Obama Administration, except for one area: stop the degrading humiliation of American citizens at the airport.

Americans have had it—had it—with deliberate stupidity and fear. The one useful thing implemented for air safety in the last six years has been locking the cockpit doors, all else has been a perfidy of futility. Stop, for the love of Lincoln, forcing people to take off their shoes, it’s so stupid I can’t believe the TSA still does it.

Stupidity is one thing, instilling fear quite another. I want that filthy god damn no fly list abolished, and if for whatever reason it can’t be there damn well better be a way to get off it. That was the whole Bushian tactic in the first place: watch out, be careful, something could wrong and you’ll get on the list, you can’t ever get off, there goes your modern life if you can’t travel.

Despicable. President-elect Obama, please put an instant end to the degrading stupidity and regression of American air travel as soon as possible. Citizens of the this country are not malleable children, they’re Americans.

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