Saturday :: Nov 8, 2008

Happy Saturday Blogaround // Open Thread

by paradox

I have to mow the lawns, clean the kitchen and the bathroom, train on the Trek 20 miles, go grocery shopping and then go see my parents, so this is it for me in the pixels today.

Not before a worthy blogaround, however, there is stuff out there not to be missed:

/* I earned half a MBA, have followed the automotive story for 20 years and read Halberstam’s The Reckoning, right, but I don’t have anything like the breadth of experience and knowledge of emptywheel on the subject, so I’m sure I’ll be looking at her work closely as I continue to post on the upcoming GM/Ford/Chrysler bailout. [What can’t this woman do, anyway? Shit.]

The inestimable goodness of Jamison Foser.

/* This post from Crooks & Liars is simply amazing; the lineup of propaganda goons is enough to make me projectile vomit coupled with a screaming glee they and their ilk are now in total political oblivion, yes, but what also shouts out at me is the opposite lineup: Rachel Maddow, maybe Olbermann.

Your liberal media, my sneering condescension and utter loathing of the absurdity of the claim knows no bounds. All on television too, see why I rarely watch that incredibly dangerous box?

Happy Saturday, everyone, please have a wonderful day.

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