Sunday :: Nov 9, 2008

New Challenges for Sarah Palin

by Mary

Today the Anchorage Daily News lays out seven challenges that face Governor Palen as she goes home. Some result from her campaign style, others from the relentless media investigation and others because the ground has changed in Alaska while she was gone.

Three particular challenges that will make her life tougher are:

  • Oil revenues in Alaska are falling which means that Sarah is going to have to start making some tough choices. After all, it's easy to be popular when you have lots of money to spare. Now she gets to find out how the rest of the nation lives when the times are tight.
  • A lot of the information about how Sarah used the taxpayer dollars to fund her lifestyle were discovered by outside investigators. Now the question is does she owe taxes on the money she used? And will Alaskans be as happy to fund the lifestyle she once had?
  • As Governor of Alaska, she'll need to look to the Obama administration for some of their help in reaching some of her goals. The fact that her campaign rhetoric helped ante up the death threats against Obama probably won't help much.

And I suspect that one other area that will continue to get more scrutiny is the role of the dominionists in her life and career and what that would mean to our constitution and our country if they succeed in getting her elected to national office.

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