Monday :: Nov 10, 2008

Sweet Sanity at Last: IHN Reports Obama to Close Guantanamo

by paradox

With an indescribable relief and gratitude that ethical adults were elected last week I see that the International Herald Tribune reports this morning that the Obama Administration plans to close Guantanamo Bay quickly next year.

This is why electing a constitutional law professor is a precious element for the country that was far too often overlooked in the campaign. Guantanamo Bay was and is a horror story of gross disdain for the rule of the law, there can never be a parallel system. This shame upon America cannot be closed soon enough.

Naomi Wolf has always made the vivid point that Guantanamo was the stepping stone to total American judicial authoritarianism; set up a hazy, confusing parallel penal system and inevitably it becomes filled with political opponents, not criminals.

I never could decide how seriously to take her warning or if it were really possible for a Republican administration to start locking up, say, ACORN organizers in Cuba. But it was always extremely disquieting to ever consider the question, and it’s simply outrageous the question ever existed at all. I’m profoundly grateful American adults are soon to be in charge, thank you, thank you so much, President-elect Obama.

h/t Kula2316, Daily Kos

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