Monday :: Nov 10, 2008

Lieberman Demotion Taking Too Long

by paradox

I really don’t have an opinion if Traitor Joe should be kicked out of the Democratic Senate caucus; at the very least he should lose his committee chairmanship, the Party has much bigger fish to fry and if Joe wants to quit the Party over the chairman demotion oh well, no big loss.

I am starting to get irritated at how long it’s taking, there is no excuse for Reid to take so long over what should be an extremely easy matter: Lieberman is no Democrat, he campaigned for McCain and Palin, punish the slimy toad.

Someone needs to tell Harry Reid the Democratic Party brand he’s crafted didn’t change a whit since last Tuesday, which is the richly earned Stand for Nothing. President-elect Obama can only do so much, Harry, if you can’t discover anything like a spine over Joe Lieberman how are we supposed to get critical legislation passed next year?

Not only is Reid emboldening the opposition every day he delays with Lieberman he’s also demoralizing and humiliating the Democratic base. An extremely good case can be made Lieberman never should have been tolerated when he lost his primary, but Stand for Nothing Harry Reid of the Stand for Nothing Democratic party accepted him in a rank, oily capitulation to DC Senate politics. Lieberman then went out and totally betrayed any shred of Party dignity he had left in the campaign, but still has the chutzpah to whine punishment is unnecessary.

How virulently disgusting the whole story is, the sooner buried the better. As soon as Harry Reid can comprehend Stand for Nothing is a lousy brand we’ll continue to have a Senate Majority Leader who allegedly serves a Stands for Nothing Democratic Party irrevocably branded with a completely correct judgment: Stand for Nothing.

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