Monday :: Nov 10, 2008

Monday Blogaround

by paradox

SusanG (Daily Kos): I can’t afford an afternoon of soaring blood pressure about the new revelations of the Congressional bailout and loan to AIG. Suffice to say I won’t say I told you so, only that no federal official in the Bush administration—they’re still in power—is ever to be trusted a milimeter for anything. Ever.

Melissa McEwan (Shakesville): I found this to be superb work on the correct mental framework moving forward as loyal Democrats and Obama supporters, patiently moving forward expectations for progress nonetheless.

Josh Marshall
(Talking Points Memo): See why I describe Bill Clinton as a nice moderate Republican?

Amanda Marcotte (Pandagon): Interesting and thorough examination of emerging political demographics.

Please have a wonderful afternoon and evening, everyone. We made it through Monday.

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