Tuesday :: Nov 11, 2008

United Auto Workers: There Will Be Strings

by paradox

Somehow it’s news that President-elect Obama and Democrats are formally asking Treasury to extend bank bailout funds to GM/Ford/Chrysler, when of course it was always apparent as the rotating sun that if the USA was going to rescue obnoxious, rapacious, gluttonous bankers then the just-as-vital auto industry was going to get help.

Besides having the full ability to trigger a 21st century depression if the industry is allowed to go under auto production was born in the United States, it’s as much a cherished cultural icon as apple pie, rolling tanks, Mom, cluster bombing and baseball. There will never be a time when we breathe as Americans when American cars are not produced on the North American continent, it is of this world just as the sun rose this morning.

Now that reality and fealty to President-elect Obama has us all in total acceptance mode on an automotive bailout—no matter that little people tax money is about to bail out incompetent infuriating fools in the smashup of cherished American capitalism—there is word from the UAW, via the New York Times, that they’re demanding auto bailout money have no strings, just plain cash, regulations and rules will crimp the failed companies.

Forget it. GM/Ford/Chrysler are failed companies, shoving cash down their twitching corpses is stupid and futile. Furthermore, the cherished model of American capitalism was often a cruel horribly polluting joke, industrial policy would have served the country extremely well in the last 50 years, including the auto companies themselves, but no, y’all wanted a market without no strings.

We all see what that’s currently delivered to us: failure. Taxpayer cash with no strings is the old way, it’s gone, change is here. One way to look at the horrifying monstrosity of the current bailout is as a pilot: this is what happens when you shove cash at incompetent crooks with no rules. No transparency, no way to even know what banks got the money! AIG executives lying and hiding, accountants “in seclusion” as a massive $150 billion re-financing was worked up yet again—much more favorably to AIG, of course. Banks taking the money and blithely passing it on to shareholders, fuck you sucker taxpayers, your reps were stupid enough to give taxpayer money away, go whine to them.

No. A new day is with us, America, President-elect Obama makes it so, and we are not throwing our little people taxpayer money away on failed models of the past. It’s perfectly reasonable that Chrysler be transformed into a pure electric car division, this is the second time they’ve been bailed out and they don’t get any cash with no strings, Jesus Christ.

Also, not one soul in any bailed out auto company makes a cent over $200,000 a year. Please shut up, you’re failures and just as much the welfare queens so cruelly spit upon all these years, you have 90 days to sell some assets and adjust, how all our hearts bleed for you and two hundred grand a year. If in fact adjustments are still necessary after 90 days I suggest 30 continuous days of service at a local food bank, so then praise Jesus and all the souls of our great land we then won’t have to list to that awful whining.

These two elements are of course two of many hypothetical strings attached to the automotive bailout, of which there will be eventually plenty, the current howls of outrage in the abuses coming to light over the bank bailout make it a screaming political necessity and reality. Automotive companies are not going to abuse little people money simply to fail as they always have, please.

Little Boots is currently holding a knife at the neck of the little people, demanding he gets more old way rapacious capitalism with Columbia before he signs any automotive bailout. Let him take a flying leap into oblivion and let GM/Ford/Chrysler know on February 1st, 2009, regulation and funds arrive, they can handle 12 more weeks on their life support, easily.

Anything to do with George Bush and his posse of enabling felons is always a disaster, he holds far too much power still, and the new will of the people simply is not institutionally in place yet. Wait until the new structures are in place for a new way forward, trying to get anything out of this possible lame-duck Congress that would be constructive is impossible, it will simply barf out the old failures again. Do not be held hostage by felon Bush in any sense and take the time to work up the auto bailout properly, we all know what happened the last time that advice was ignored.

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