Friday :: Nov 14, 2008

What is This, Really?

by paradox

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) said he was “confounded” at Treasury’s obdurate refusal to dole out a mere pittance of $25 billion right now to help distressed little people homeowners about to default on their mortgages. Hundreds of billions have gushed forth from Treasury for banking, insurance, finance and automotive, but for plain Americans in their homes, well, nothing.

The base political science answer to this monstrously unfeeling behavior is that in the Republican mind spending on “social” programs that benefit many little people cultivates Democratic Party voters: government would actually function directly for them and they’ll vote for the Party that actually believes in government, those liberals. Our current “Republican” leadership has no earned ideology by now except felonious, yes, but even after all the incredible events of the last 12 weeks they will still stiff ordinary citizens, President Bush still extolling free markets.

“You asshole,” my lunchtime pizza counter friend said to him at his last appearance, there are 10 flat-screens in the place but somehow Bush got on one yesterday. “Why isn’t he gone yet?” she asked, handing me a receipt. “Soon,” I replied.

Fortunately for us all and those with dignity, common sense and integrity in the mission of government for America the posse of Bush felons will finally ride away, that day of holy reverence is coming, yes, and it also gives us all convenient cover to avoid the behavior of denying the crumbs of $25 billion for the little people FDIC plan. Very soon the assholes will be gone, get on with planning and get it approved in February anyway.

The slow cackling cruelty of this behavior will still be noted here. What is this, really? Bankers of vast wealth totally blow it and are rescued with hundreds of billions while all the precious dreams of ordinary Americans are tossed to the winds at the tiny cost of $25 billion?

It’s the same vicious unfeeling inaction to American corpses from Louisiana, Iraq and Afghanistan. The same refusal to see Americans dying in horrifying real-time nightmares from lack of healthcare. The same denial to torture at Abu Ghraib, the obliviousness to rampant hunger and unemployment. The same glee in telling us to shut up about stealing an election, of course it will all work out.

Is this evil? I could never make that call, of course not, it’s a hazy, slippery concept I’m not even sure exists, even though many with vastly greater intellects than I insist it abounds. I really don’t care, I am sure the existence of the mere question means a world of trouble and hurt.

Yes, thank you to all the elements of the universe, Bush and Paulson will soon be gone, we can all move on, who knows what they really were as humans? Completely free from handcuffs and prison terms next year, that seems to be the latest scuttlebutt of magnanimity, what can you do? Get on with re-building a country.

All right. I won’t ever forget what Bush, Cheney, and Paulson did and their gross cruelty while performing it, and hopefully with that memory and enough like me their reeking felony ilk will never loot, pillage and grossly abuse the little people of America again. It’s a rather dry, very unjust scenario I can accept but, still, leaves me with immense sadness and a disquieting, semi-queasy wariness about the state of America.

We should never have arrived at this place of political and economic ruin, profound knifing moral elements felling more of our citizens by the day, dogging our future with stabs of guilt and shame. We should have known better.

[Thank you Binyamin Appelbaum, Washington Post, good reporting]

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