Friday :: Nov 14, 2008

Fifty-Nine Is Possible. Sixty Is Not. Deal With It.

by Turkana

With Mark Begich seemingly ahead for good, Al Franken looking to have a real chance, and Jim Martin looking possible, everyone is asking what Salon's Alex Koppelman is asking: can the Dems get to 60? The simple answer is this: no. The popular Rachel Maddow clip makes it clear: Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat. The party "leaders" need to get that through their heads. We don't get to sixty, this year. We have a good shot, in two years, but it isn't happening this year. Not only that, but we aren't getting to sixty this year. The numbers aren't there. The best we can hope for is fifty-nine. Sixty is not possible. I know this is very difficult for some brilliant political strategists to comprehend, but fifty-nine is not sixty. And even if everything now breaks for the Democrats, we only get to fifty-nine. Is that clear? Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat, and the Democrats will not get to sixty, this year. It's time to let that dream go. For this year. And it's time to let Joe Lieberman go. He's a petty little egomaniac, and he's not good for either the party or the country. We need to move on, be the Democrats the nation voted for, and run the country without fear. And without Joe Lieberman. Who is not a Democrat.

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