Sunday :: Nov 16, 2008

A Day Off // Open Thread

by paradox

I was pleased to see mine as the only entry on the blog yesterday, for our people are tired after a very long campaign and need their rest. I just had to get my fix in, but today even I shall soon scurry forth out of the ether for the rest of the day, it’s a glorious California morning in Silicon Valley.

The weather, as Mary said last night, has created a very different day for our brother and sister citizens in SoCal, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Train on the Trek, do laundry in front of football, clean the bathroom, go grocery shopping, cook. I suppose it’s doesn’t seem so restful, really, but at least there will be no politics and the chains will be neatly coiled around a cold laptop. I can do it occasionally, today is one of those days.

Please have the best day ever, y’all. See you tomorrow.

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