Monday :: Nov 17, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

Just a bit more on the unfortunate passage of Proposition 8.

The General resigns from the LDS Church over the homophobia demonstrated by the support for Proposition 8. He notes that previously he had been unhappy with the church because it had been very reluctant to stand against torture because that topic was too political. Now he wonders about their priorities.

Fred Clark writes that if marriage isn't a right for a minority, then it isn't a right for anyone. As he notes, by definition, rights apply to all people. If there isn't a right to marriage, than marriage is only a privilege granted by the state to some. Perhaps this was not what the proponents expected because it says they also have no right to marriage, only a privilege that could be taken away at anytime based on the whim of the majority.

Your turn now.

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