Monday :: Nov 17, 2008

A Necessary Nationalism

by paradox

Would Barack Obama been elected President of the United States had he advocated quick withdrawal for Iraq and Afghanistan? No.

No marketing or political rationale would have ever withstood the completely devastating attack from opposition Republicans that Obama was another Democratic wimp who wouldn’t and couldn’t fight. The American ethos that the President is a badass Commander in Chief killer at the helm of a vast intricate killing machine that will be used on a moment’s notice at whatever planetary American whim arrives is so ingrained in American politics it simply goes unspoken, as it did again in election 2008.

It’s also completely understood American militarism is a vehicle for corporatism, what are all those tank divisions parked in Iraq for, the Bill of Rights? Petrol-imperialism in this case, but the United States has a lifelong history of employing militarism for what it wants, hell, even for bananas. President-elect Obama may indeed restore the reputation of America from the filthy mold of lying, slavering barbarians of shuddering stupid cruelty, we all pray for that, but it will be a long, long time before the United States gets a rep as a harbinger of peace again.

Michelle Obama’s advocacy for military families has to be seen as a political calculation for fealty to American militarism, as Obama’s manly deadly re-enforcement of Afghanistan of course is. Again, if miraculously Afghanistan becomes mission completed is the “stamp out bad guys” mentality then going to be applied to Pakistan? Shit. We’re fighting in Afghanistan for political reasons, not dire strategic or tactical elements, not hardly.

Never any disrespect for Michelle Obama, not at all, I’m very pleased at the political wisdom and attention to a group of Americans who deserve it the most, don’t we all know it.

All this American nationalism is accepted as necessary, what’s one to do, whine for the pure alternative of losing with no power in a political wilderness? That still doesn’t make current American occupation any less of a mistake than the Iraqi one, nor does it stop the death and maiming of our people, the slow long blade of waiting and suffering for their families, the horrify contradiction of the land of the free, “life” in the pursuit of happiness, well, maybe someday, planet Earth, maybe someday, death and violence is our world now.

I will hand it to President-elect Obama, he’s been very good at setting up an exit for all of our Southwestern Asia insanity: the capture or killing of Osama bin Laden. If in fact that can be accomplished in 12 months Obama has perfect domestic political cover to drastically reduce American resources in Afghanistan, they’ll be desperately needed at home and no nation, ever, has ever military succeeded in Afghanistan. The day we all Americans get the hell out of that legendary hellhole of impossibility the better, and that day is coming, one way or another, sooner or later.

But for now acceptance of reality and admiration for adroit political set-ups leaves me no option but to support President-elect Obama in his militarism, it’s the implacable reality we live in, and if it’s my nature to be blunt about it all that doesn’t mean my sincerity for his success is any less. Capture or kill Osama bin Laden and then bug the hell out of Afghanistan, too, that will always be one of my great hopes for President-elect Obama’s first term.

Until then, men and women of the armed forces of Southwest Asia, we are hoping for your safety and return every day. We have not forgotten you, we will not forget, and Democrats and Michelle Obama will make sure no one forgets for a hundred years. We fervently hope that if peace never seems to be in our world than at least may it always be in your minds and souls. Good luck, come home soon.

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