Monday :: Nov 17, 2008

Major Events Coming?

by Deacon Blues

I’ve got two separate but equally provocative things to run by you tonight for your comments. First, a week after Hank Paulson changed the original terms of the bailout and decided against buying troubled mortgage-backed securities from banks, Citibank announced today that it would shed 53,000 staff.


Even if these two events are not related, exactly how shaky is the foundation upon which Citibank is built?

Second, a friend of mine at work told me today that a family he knows told him something very troubling over the weekend. Each of their three children is a member of the armed forces, and all three have recently completed their active duty commitments. One is in the Army Reserve, one in the Navy Reserve, and one in the Air Force Reserve.

All three of them got call-up orders over this weekend.

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