Tuesday :: Nov 18, 2008

Tough luck, Sarah

by Erin Alecto

Here's some good news:

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens loses re-election bid

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens has lost his bid for a seventh term. The longest-serving Republican in the history of the Senate trailed Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich by 3,724 votes after Tuesday's count. That's an insurmountable lead with only about 2,500 overseas ballots left to be counted.

Apparently, the state will pay for a recount at a 1500 vote difference, but Stevens would have to pay if the difference is higher. I doubt he'll go for it, but you never know. Whatever plans for another go at national politics Sarah Palin may have had, this result definitely closes a door she can't "plow through," at least not in the near future. That makes me very happy. Go Al Franken!

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