Wednesday :: Nov 19, 2008

Need Some Cash, USA?

by paradox

It was barely noted in the brief roaring imbroglio of bailout debate last summer, but as $750 billion of spending for lying obnoxious crooks was eventually rammed through Congress our intrepid representatives quietly passed the 2008 Defense Appropriations Act, almost for precisely the same amount. The DOD bill, of course, is annual, for all the blood, equipment and tragedy of a nation lost in two disastrously failing wars vast fortunes still flow forth for them virtually unsaid.

This week Congress will stall and obstruct a mere pittance of $25-50 billion for the automotive bailout, Obama will be back in February with more votes if nothing happens this year, but the point is that after the DOD and Treasury bailouts America seems to be short of cash, who would have thought? We’ll borrow all to hell for however we like to try and solve all these problems, I get it, it’s just remarkable that in that very long list of issues for dear USA defense spending and institutionalized violence isn’t on the list.

Need $25-50 billion? Instantly stop the stupid, extremely provocative “missile shield” the monstrous fools in the Bush administration initiated for eastern Europe and Poland. Stop spending on all missile defense, the only rationale for its existence is an arms race and payoff to US defense contractors. Good luck finding this gem on the Obama transition website.

That isn’t a criticism of the Big Man, not in any sense, as stated before the insane level of US defense spending is blithely accepted among all peoples of America as the way it should be and is, change is simply never contemplated or advocated for by any constituent group to stop building tanks when our children are cold and starving this winter. Peace is a frantically lobbied objective by many, of course, but never the base level of militarism spending behind it, no one shouts as a policy goal the DOD should get its funding cut by 30% in 2009.

The Army is due to get 75,000 more soldiers by 2011, a belated acceptance to failure in the current force structure yet even more dismaying in the unspoken acceptance of our Army and armed forces growing ever more hugely, year after year, but somehow, incredibly, this just isn’t seen as a problem.

Just in a fiduciary prism US defense spending is an acute, screaming issue America cannot afford in any way, not in dollars or denial, and if it’s so freaking important to get the current account in shape with less imported oil than moving forward we can damn well invest in equipment that feeds our kids instead of killing Palestinian and Afghan children. Hello? Need $50 billion to save 2-5 million American automotive jobs and all the families dependent on them? Get it from the DOD, plenty of dough to be found there.

Plus there’s that little moral problem of eviscerating children for nothing but lies or continued failure, take your pick, but, well, it’s all about dollars in the USA. Right?

With admirable adroitness to American militarism Barrack took on Afghanistan and Michelle military family welfare. The alternative was John McCain for president, so on a lot of levels I don’t have a problem with it.

On quite a few others, obviously, I have a lot of freaking problems with it. Moving forward I carry with me the soul of Melissa McEwan of Shakesville, her enduring frame of reference is of small teaspoons. Like Jodie Foster in Contact, right, her Dad is helping her with that ham radio: small moves. Forget the violence, the endless borrowing for bombs, the imperialism and hegemony, the sickening tragedy of what we could have been and built with all that DOD money over the decades, just never ever let go of digging with that frigging teaspoon.

Need some money, Detroit? Need some cash, USA? Go to the DOD, they have it. Trust me, by all the atoms of the universe there is a stupendous amount of money being spent on the most insane stupid things, just take a quick look. Start with $50 billion for Detroit, hell, that’s only a one-time hit, annually you would not believe what we could do with that DOD hoard of taxpayer cash.

Just go to the DOD budget for necessary items, a little bit at a time, you know, $50 billion here, $50 billion there, we all know how easy that is. Right? Worry about force structure, deployment schedules and adjusted downward mission scope later, for at least two years a teaspoon to the DOD will yield amazing results.

Need some cash, USA? The Department of Defense has it. Go get it back, a little bit a time.

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