Friday :: Nov 21, 2008

Adios, George

by paradox

Reading Paul Krugman today I was struck that at this time of acute crises on many fronts how absent the President is: he has no input or comment on a proposed automotive bailout, nothing on keeping troubled mortgage holders in their homes, and no fixes for losing health insurance. After calling some grand schedule of industrial and financial meetings which immediately accomplished nothing the great President of the United States is back to riding his bike, posing for pictures, going to the gym and finally packing for Texas.

Nothing is a lot better than completely blowing up the free market model in the financial markets with no debate or forethought whatsoever, with a rank bill that equals nothing but institutionalized looting. The frantic grabbing of little people cash spilled over into insurance and GM financing, fuming Senators and House members scolding obdurate, arrogant Treasury officials with a pathetic fury that was a disgusting as them voting for the insanity in the first place.

This is a difficult time for the liberal community, waiting is not easy when the urgency to get moving on issues gets a little more intense each day. As Krugman notes it’s going to get really bad as more American institutions and lives crumble and fall in the next 60 days, the Great One resolutely on his bike in the maelstrom, so as his stupefying disaster of a Presidency comes to a close today is a good day as any to get a final analysis/conclusion of his tenure out of the way, better to get it over with.

Before any cursory conclusions can be made understanding the Bush Presidency it’s crucial to comprehend that before he was ever sworn in he represented utter disaster in journalism and functional Democracy. George Bush is not a whit more mentally competent than Sarah Palin, but that was glossed over in a sickening propaganda sleaze hit campaign against Al Gore, the food was better on the Bush plane, you know? Gore won nationally by more than Kennedy did, but Florida mechanically failed and the Supreme Court subsequently stole the election—plus the will of the people and the future of the country—for this incredible disaster worried about how many pull-ups he’s doing.

Bush wasn’t in office ten seconds and already his fate was sealed, what happens when you steal an election for a Sarah Palin clone? Here is the S & P index for this year. What happens when the oldest Democracy cannot count votes resulting from deliberate obstructionism? 9/11.

If there is a national denial to what really happened in Election 2000 and just what precisely the results would be from such lunacy, perhaps—maybe—it is equaled by the responsibility for 9/11. Hello? Bush and his Cheney lieutenants did not fly the planes, no, but they spent all of that 2001 summer as resolutely stupid and detached about the threats screaming at them in CIA memos as they are to the economic crisis engulfing us now. 9/11 need never had happened.

So it did, but that did not mean the United States had to go completely berserk by invading two countries, smashing the rule of law and humanity with torture, all the while running environmentally amok. But that precisely what Bush did as the result of 9/11, tarnishing the name and reputation of America in squalid, putrid regression I did not think was possible in my lifetime.

As the final glorious bookend to all this disaster we now get our economic present from dear George, with rampant inequality, debt, unemployment, acute finance and production failure everywhere. The little people loathe him with shattered records for unpopularity, and if he is shuttered away in his stupidity and bicycle for the next 60 days that will still never erase the galactic magnitude of failure that is George Bush. He was doomed to be this President from the very start, he never could have been anything else.

In this extremely short writ of what Bush has done wrong at the end of it all one would hope that Democrats and liberals take a long, hard look in the mirror, for we couldn’t beat him in 2004 and the same nauseating, obsequious sheep behavior to do whatever the idiot in the oval office wants—as evidenced by the glorious bank bailout, after eight freaking years Democrats could not learn—continues to this day. In the FISA matter it’s fairly obvious Democratic leadership was complicit in smashing the Bill of Rights, a big reason Bush and Cheney will not soon be in the chains and orange jumpsuits they should be.

Bush was enabled not only by American journalism but the Democratic Party, in other words. The precise same enabling represented by the rankly odious Joe Lieberman and his continued acceptance.

It is my great fervent hope that real ethical principled leadership from Obama will mitigate a great deal the complete inability of the American Democratic Congress to function properly. Given to their own devices under the worst President we will ever see they were an unqualified disaster, but perhaps the same bleating herding to perform whatever the oval office wants will deliver good policy solutions for the country next year. How I hope so.

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