Sunday :: Nov 23, 2008

Out of Iraq

by paradox

Some readers may remember that I spent many vociferous paragraphs objecting to “phased withdrawal” in 2007 and 2008 as various Democratic candidates formulated policy planks toward Iraq, yet now I support President-elect Obama’s phased-2011 withdrawal plan. A explanation is due for that and there is a crucial base American Democracy element as part of the evolution in need of acute attention.

Completely justifiable objection to phased withdrawal is based upon two elements: intellectually and morally the stance is of rank half-measure, a contemptible diddling of yes we mean it, no we don’t, we might change our minds meandering that is anything but leadership. If the Presidency must be so Alpha in this world it’s ridiculous to be so dickless about it when doing the right thing.

Wet noodle mentality isn’t lost on the enemy for a microsecond, always know it, an enemy that’s been killing you for years has been waiting eagerly for it. Place your assets in totally predictable locations that aren’t going to move for years while openly admitting you’ve lost is an invitation to have them patiently crushed. After committing heinous crimes and abusing your own troops with multiple tours of horror that tactical position simply isn’t tenable.

Every theatre is different, however, and obviously comprehended opposition forces in Iraq and incredible air assets have convinced enough American military minds and Obama the tactical and moral risks are worth taking for a 2011 phased withdrawal. Get on with it, then.

Life does not automatically spit out optimum solutions to anything, if phased withdrawal is the only offering from American leadership—versus nothing--it has to be taken with all the optimism and support possible, morally there could never be any other path. It really could be that air power and the Iraqis mean a fairly orderly withdrawal, and President-elect Obama has to be given the chance to try.

It’s also extremely likely that I could support the President, the withdrawal goes well and after only four months or so everyone looks around and says hell, it’s no nice and quiet now, do we really have to sit here for another 32 months? No. Fast phased withdrawal, change of plans!

So in November 2008 I support President-elect Obama with the best option available. Assuming the fractious, rambunctious, deadly Iraqi parliament can approve the withdrawal agreement soon then America is all set, sort of, to finally getting out of that screaming monstrosity of Iraq.

It’s an immensely sad, shameful fact of American “democracy” that most Americans would look down their noses at our immensely troubled Iraqi parliamentarian cousins as they shout and shove their way through the SOFA debate (status of forces agreement), but yet be completely oblivious the Iraqis are being far human and democratic in the whole affair, at least they’re legislatively trying.

The country that lied and led its people with a blizzard of Iraq war propaganda to start this war, America, proposes to ram the SOFA down the throat of the American people and Congress with no debate or approval whatsoever, the precise same sneering contempt for the people of America that sprung from all the filthy lies continues right to the possible very end of the war. The Iraqi SOFA is damn well an armed forces treaty with another country that must be ratified by the United States Senate, yet all is quiet about this issue in the world’s oldest Democracy to an appalling degree.

In the wistfully mythical world of optimal Reid and Pelosi would be fired from their leadership positions for their current obsequious silent squirming over the Iraq SOFA, along with Armed Services Chairs Levin and Skelton. Leadership of the People’s House has an irrevocable duty to defend the prerogatives of Congress, be they in the Senate or no, and Pelosi and Skelton have failed in their comprehension of constitution and duty to a monstrously unforgivable degree here.

Optimal, to say the least, has never been an output of the immense horror of the Iraq war, so like a SOFA with an absurd pullout date three years out little people Americans like myself take what they can get from DC and hope for the best. At this point, after all the death, maiming and wailing misery from years of horror, defenders and believers of American decency, morality and Democracy should be watching and waiting for soon-to-be President Obama to formally submit the Iraq SOFA to the Senate for ratification soon after he is granted power.

Not only then can we finally, at last, know that our people will be coming home to leave all the mayhem behind, but that we also have a President who understands American history and separation of powers mandated in the American constitution. It is not too much to ask for, truly, but we shall see. If the brutal whipsaw of Unitard Executive Oligarchy is to continue at least we will know for sure, and comprehend how far indeed we yet have to go.

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