Monday :: Nov 24, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

A fascinating piece from the Irving Housing Blog from the beginning of the year about the complete bust of the miraculous financial innovation. As IHB noted:

For those who participated in the bubble, the hardest part (beyond the financial problems) is yet to come. It will be accepting that everything they thought they knew was wrong. As I described in What is a Bubble? a financial mania is supported by a whole series of erroneous and fervently held beliefs. It will take time for the participants to come to the realization that they were wrong, very wrong. Accepting this truth will be even harder. Unfortunately, financial markets have a way of forcing a painful awareness on its participants. Whether they like it or not, each participant in the market will come to realize it was a colossal mistake.

I would say that we have finally reached the final stage.

Your turn now.

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