Tuesday :: Nov 25, 2008

Please Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving

by paradox

I am busy at my job and tomorrow is a travel day to be with my parents for Thanksgiving, with all the scurrying around that requires, so my best wishes and safe travels for Thanksgiving will have to be done now. I may be able to post over the weekend from SoCal, I don’t know yet.

Life moves on, stuff and events happen, and we gather together as best we can to feast and be grateful. It can be difficult some years.

Some things and deeds never, ever should have been done, yet they happened, and there is never any way to fix them. Chairs will be empty, the sparkly life of cherished souls forever gone. Broken hearts ache and bleed with wounds that are eternal, regrets and pains fiercely tugging at some forced smile of presence, the knife so bad it seems like an outrage one should be grateful for anything.

I’ve never made allusions that I am some master of accomplishment, of life or writing, I think that’s quite clear to anyone who’s read me even a little. Yet even with all that has happened I am still here, still trying, still full of hope that the application of sincere human ideas can make our world a vastly better place.

I can’t, however, fix terrible wounds that some days haunt me terribly, and there have been some Thanksgivings of utter despair. I am not in that place now, but if you are, American, I hope things get better. I’m sorry. I know there isn’t a way to fix it, and I don’t know if things will work out. It’s not supposed to be easy, you don’t have to be grateful, and things may change trudging forward.

As soon we all shall to our feasts, family and friends. Safe travels, warm hearts and best cheer to you all, Left Coasters. Please have the best Thanksgiving ever, may your walk on this Earth bring you peace.

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