Thursday :: Nov 27, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

As a followup to last night's open thread, Scott Horton writes that for the first step to reclaiming our Constitution, we must get an accurate record of what happened in the dark shadows by the Bush administration. And then once all is exposed to the light of day, the next step is to correct the policies and programs that were put in place.

Under President Bush, the Constitution took a shellacking. We had the most devious, secretive government in our nation's history. In the end, it was at war with the rule of law itself. But this isn't the time to be talking about indictments and prosecutions, though that may come in the fullness of time. Now is the time to force those dark secrets from the recesses in which they've been hidden and insure that the public fully understands what was done by the most incompetent, corrupt and lawless government we've ever had. Charting those dealings is the first step. Correcting them is the second.

One point that gives me cheer is knowing that even General Pinochet who had rigged the law in Chile to put himself above prosecution found that he could not stop justice from taking its course. His crimes have been exposed to all. It will not be easy for Bush and his henchmen to find safety from the long and relentless quest for justice throughout the world for their crimes even if the road to justice is slow.

Consider this an open thread.

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