Saturday :: Dec 6, 2008

Saturday Small Stuff

by paradox

It was a very long week at work and my weekend is stuffed with Christmas activities, so I won’t be much of a political writer today, I just can’t make the often-grim political news fit in a holiday prism of going to the Los Gatos Children’s Parade, buying a tree, putting up house lights and baking cookies/gingerbread houses all weekend.

I have evolved into Christmas well this life, I’m immensely gratified to say, a painful time where I never wanted to fit in is now an episode of benign acceptance, cheery modest spending and happy activity in the house, especially in the kitchen, being a dedicated baker really is a lot of fun. I stopped demanding that any of this Christmas stuff make sense, I do the best I can for the children, it’s much better this way.

Melissa McEwan of Shakesville related a story of her husband being kind to a total stranger recently, how it was seen as unusual and strange in a busy crowd of people to help someone in obvious distress. I hope in this holiday season, as with every day afterword, that if the opportunity for kindness presents itself I won’t fall short as a person and human. The world can be a terribly rough and cruel place, I’m afraid, and I don’t want to walk through this life adding to it.

I will be giving to food banks later in the day, but this year it doesn’t feel like enough, so if anyone knows of another good cause I can help with please put it in the comments. Thank you.

Have a wonderful Saturday, I’m off to the parade. Peace be with you.

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