Monday :: Dec 8, 2008

New Comments Policy

by paradox

I’m extremely busy with other matters today, but I was granted administrative rights to this blog over the weekend and one matter deserves immediate attention.

If an end user shows up here and deliberately chooses to inflict pain they are permanently banned. I’ve watched this issue with acute interest since blogs were 60 days old, it’s very interesting to watch the choices made when trying to deal with those to whom cruelty is a casual thing. I’ve seen bloggers freak out to varying degrees, some eventually to shut down all comments in desperation or even state comments sustain them in the darkest of times.

[shrugs] Whatever. There are no best choices here in a necessarily messy task of life, and with this warning The Left Coaster comment policy is in place: choose to inflict pain and forever lose the privilege of commenting here.

Cruelty is a common weave of my life I’m completely used to, it won’t ever be a chore to deny those seek to inflict it, just another day. I’m not a common profile for a political blogger, I live in web files and http production 16 hours a day, I am chained to the machine and I like it. I have all kinds of tools to use in a life of code, if trolls can’t immediately learn they’ll never be tolerated eventually they will.

Please have a great day, everyone, I’ve got a long one just starting but of course we’ll make it. Peace be with you.

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