Monday :: Dec 8, 2008

Oh Yeah, The Uproar

by paradox

It’s just amazing how to me how arrogance feeds on itself, try to satiate it and those possessing it often seem to just get more pushy and demanding.

Treasury has blown through half of the grotesque $700 billion bailout for rich crooks. Not content with blowing more stuff up before they finally get booted out, they’re asking for all of the $700 billion in this Congressional term, threatening that financial markets and players would be thrown into turmoil, oh the uproar, if they don’t get the money.

Thank God the Obama transition team is resisting, after the oversight fiasco from the first $350 billion Treasury should feel lucky if they ever get another dime, and this continued abomination of hundreds of billions for the Street but not even five cents for distressed homeowners is simply outrageous.

But the uproar! The turmoil! Spare me. How Treasury whines like this while getting away with vast injustice is just hard to believe. Hello? You’re lying incompetent crooks. Get the hell out of the white marble taxpayers paid for, don’t ever come back, and good luck with looking over a career in utter ruins.

h/t Atrios

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