Wednesday :: Dec 10, 2008

Heed the Warnings on Afghanistan

by paradox

Our good man dday at Hullabaloo links to Sam Stein at The Huffington Post and growing dissent in the DC intelligentsia over the insanity of ramping up the war in Afghanistan. I hope with every atom of my being these warnings are listened to and heeded, ramping up Afghanistan could only mean futile disaster.

What precisely are our objectives there? To produce a stable government that won’t breed terrorism? What a ludicrous fantasy, stable prosperous governments produce terrorists! It simply can’t be done anyway, Afghanistan is a tribal, extremely remote and poor country that has broken any empire that was stupid enough to try to mold it.

Even if this mescaline trip were to actually come to pass, what then? Lots of countries produce terrorism, using that metric we should be invading Pakistan right now, which in fact will be a major factor of failure of anything tried in Afghanistan, but of course the idea of invading Pakistan is absurd.

Just as stupid and ridiculous as invading Afghanistan, but because the 9/11 attackers were based there it somehow makes it a “good” war? Lunacy. War is a always a failure of the last possible alternative (well, it was, until a doofus felon tossed our honor and reputation to the winds), escalating it makes no sense in any human realm.

Why did all this failure of human thinking come to be, then? Because there was no way, absolutely zero, that Barack Obama could have run as a Democrat without embracing American militarism in some way. Maureen O’Dowd and all her nauseating Heather friends would have mercilessly feminized him, this Democrat girly-man could never be the killer he’s supposed to be as an American President if he withdrew from both stupid disastrous wars started by Bush!

If political necessity dictated being the Big Man for the presidency then after the election I can only pray that being a Wise Man is more important. The country is horribly in the ditch, nothing tactically in that Southeastern Asia hellhole will ever work, morally we are in a terrible position escalating the war, and the opposition press and Republicans are drooling at the thought of weekly Obama failure in any area, they’re pounce on Afghanistan and do everything they can to destroy Obama over it if they get the chance.

The political cover is the American economy, President-elect Obama. When Afghanistan escalation was advocated the country wasn’t nearly in this disastrous shape, just say things have changed too much and get out. There is nothing in Afghanistan but inevitable failure, none of it has to happen.

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