Sunday :: Dec 14, 2008

Go Ahead, Appoint a Prosecutor - For All the Crimes

by Deacon Blues

As certain as the sunrise tomorrow, conservatives will make sure that Barack Obama is sidetracked at the start of his term. They need another "gays in the military" or Whitewater to derail a Democratic administration. And they'll have a convenient memory loss over the last eight years while doing it.

We know that Rahm Emanuel had contact with the governor's office about acceptable successors for the president-elect. We also know that Emanuel isn't a target of Patrick Fitzgerald's inquiry. Yet that hasn't stopped Patrick Buchanan from already calling for a independent counsel to look into what role Barack Obama played in this matter.

I'm sure there are boatloads of examples where Buchanan or any other conservative supported the appointment of a independent counsel to look into any of Bush's misdeeds, Alberto Gonzales's misdeeds, Dick Cheney's misdeeds or Donald Rumsfeld's misdeeds over the last eight years.

Nonetheless, if Buchanan and other conservatives really want to open that door now with this president-elect even before he takes office, out of some newfound concern for the rule of law and avoiding any taint of scandal, then perhaps the incoming administration should oblige - and then use this as the pretext to launch a series of inquiries into everything the Bush Administration got away with.

After all, we should all be concerned about the rule of law and finding all lawbreakers, regardless of what party they belong to.

Isn't that right Pat?

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