Monday :: Dec 15, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

Many people think that the conservative coup dated from the illegitimate Supreme Court decision of Bush v Gore in 2000. Well, I just finished watching the film, The Hunting of the President again, and it is clear the right wing was undermining our Constitution much earlier than 2000. The treatment of Susan McDougal was a harbinger of the McCarthyite tactics used against political enemies in the Bush years which we saw carried out in spades against Don Seigelman. We have a long way to go before our country can recover from being a failed state incapable of enforcing the rule of law. As Paul Rosenberg notes, one of the most important points that Glenn Greenwald brought forth in his interview with Bill Moyers was how the full power of the state is arrayed against the little guy while the well-connected get away with not even a slap on the hand. McDougal's persecution clearly showed how far the right will go in creating an arbitrary and cruel police state. And despite the overwhelming support Obama has today, the delusional and vindictive rightwing are waiting to work their poison to destroy his administration and those who stand between them and their goal of absolute power. This monster is not yet appeased nor smited.

This is an open thread.

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