Monday :: Dec 15, 2008

You, too, can throw a shoe at Bush

by Erin Alecto

Originally posted at the author's home base of Low & Left Part Deux by Idiosynchronic

How often is it that we not only get to tell someone what's on our mind and do the right thing? Not to mention channel a little holiday giving?

We don't get to throw our shoes at the President. It's illegal, both in terms of assault as well as god-knows what laws in the post 9/11 world. As has been joked about the guy in Iraq, we'd be risking GitMo or an extended stay with "outsourced detention" in Syria. And if you used foot powder that morning . . may God have mercy on your soul.

That doesn't mean we can't send him our shoes to make sure he gets the point.

The plan: gather up your old shoes, box 'em and then send them to the President. Include a message that gets the point across. That message should also tell the President what charities will take your shoes - There's a bunch out there, not including the local Goodwill or Catholic Charities. Go buy new shoes if you want to make a better donation.

- - - -

This project is at the idea stage - I believe we should create printable PDF that donators can use to include in their care packages to make it as easy as possible. Other than that, we/I am looking for improvements to this idea, where you think the best destination address is (The White House or The Ranch?), or a better tone to the message to encourage donations for the right reasons, just not mere cynicism.

Post your comments and ideas to the thread at this blog or at Low and Left, or email your comments to the author, idiosynchronic, at Gmail.

As much as I'd rather someone throw the book at Bush, this is some catharsis for now. Go offer your ideas and support; make a statement, help send shoes to those in need.

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