Monday :: Dec 15, 2008

Nice Shoes

by paradox

AP image - added by Deacon Blues

It’s a Michael Douglas line from The American President, right, and it was the only reference to presidential footwear I ever expected to retain, but our gallivanting King George, the Terrible Texan, our DC Dumbass, Mr. President Mondo Fucko shoehorned his way into indelible human history nonetheless, the entire globe and even the Wall Street Journal has freeze frames of the furious leather Iraqi projectile splashed across page 1 today.

I was going to write about the latest embarrassing pathetic jaunt from our sneering war felon yesterday morning, in fact, it’s a slow Sunday and the story is wide open for many decent angles, but all paths here lead to a weariness unto death of lying, misery, and shame. The correct end path of any journalistic endeavor identified by the legendary Stephen Colbert kept ringing in my head as I mentally looked around: it’s depressing! Is that something—no matter duty bound I may feel—that I should really put in my hands around on the Sabbath? Fuck no.

But now the story is so huge and so appropriate for comment I must add my two cents: it’s something an American journalist should have done a long, long time ago—or something similar—Bush has used and abused them so bad over the years.

Yet this familiarly depressing tale always leads to the same end too, just as familiar as these trips with their sickening secrecy (it will be nice to have a President who doesn’t have to hide before they bolt town), so too will the enablement of the American journalism corps carry on with Bush. The point I never brought up in all this sordid tale is that the initial press reports from Bush’s trip had the obligatory reference to number of US service members and possible Iraqis killed, but never a word about Iraqi refugees.

Iraqi refugees are a terrible element to this disastrous war that can always be used ad Exhibit A for American Journalism Enablement. There are at least 2 million Iraqi refugees from the war, displaced, wandering and utterly miserable, but they might as well be desert ants for all the American journalism corps cares, it makes the war look bad so Iraqi war refugees don’t exist.

Unfortunately the story does not end there. Enablement is the goal of American journalism in denying Iraqi refugees exist, but it is also the official policy of the United States, to this date an absolutely appallingly tiny number—not even close to 50,000—of Iraqi war refugees have been granted visas to live here. If they set up huge communities the horrible failure they represent would become an American story! We couldn't have that, now could we?

We all know an Iraqi refugee very well, Riverbend of Baghdad Burning, last heard from in October of 2007 in Syria. I’ve been worried about her all this time, when she very well could have been killed a long time ago, there’s just no way to know. Did her life and story get snuffed out early, just like so many in this disastrous war?

If in fact that question had been asked of Bush a lot more often I’m positive all this insanity would have ended a lot sooner, but appearances mean everything to General Electric and NBC, not human truth. “You keep focusing on all the death,” a peeved Bush whined to an Irish journalist once. Go figure. So the searing misery continues day after day, America forever in shame from it, a flying shoe a symbol of another real journalist to an American country that has very, very few of them.

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