Thursday :: Dec 18, 2008

Minnesota Recount: Countdown to Franken!

by CA Pol Junkie

There is a drama unfolding today in Minneapolis as the State Canvassing Board is ruling on each of the challenged ballots in the Senate recount between Coleman and Franken. For political junkies, it's actually fascinating to watch. (Alternate video here). The Lizard People ballot was rejected as voting for two candidates, but the Board accepted a Franken ballot on which the voter wrote "Thank you for counting my vote!"

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Board addressed 415 ballots challenged by Franken. Today and tomorrow, the Board is addressing Coleman challenges. Before the Board began, Coleman led by just under 200 votes. Coleman gained a net of 175 votes as Franken's challenges were addressed. Now, Franken is rapidly gaining as the Canvassing Board plows through the challenges at a rapid pace. Keeping track of where we stand is difficult. There is a "blue folder" with Franken ballots that Coleman is challenging on procedural grounds. There are also many withdrawals of challenges, restoring the ballots to how they were initially read by election judges. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is updating every few minutes and as of this post has Coleman ahead by 69 votes. With hundreds of challenges to go plus the "blue folder", Franken looks to be in very good shape.

UPDATES: A table of recount results is here.
4:05 PM CST: Coleman +43 votes, projected Franken +94 votes
4:36 PM CST: Coleman +26 votes, projected Franken +90 votes
5:00 PM CST: Coleman +5 votes, projected Franken +89 votes
D'Oh! They're done for the day so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the lead switch to Franken.

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