Saturday :: Dec 20, 2008

Been Sick // Catching Up

by paradox

I am sorry to have been so quiet lately, Left Coasters, but I was flat on my back for three days last week, and I didn’t exactly catch up when I went back to work, I twanged a small business marketing/dual-domain dynamic content site into the frenzy of the ether.

Compared to Hunter and Jeremy at Daily Kos this is a smilingly modest code architecture, yes, but I’m all by myself with Machiavelli to guide me, right, and I have to be a business, marketing, and content manager too. If my scope of architecture isn’t big league my record of effort and service is.

Y’all’ve have to excuse me, I’m sorta dreamily meditative, I’ve had a lot of time to think lately. I’ve been a pain in the ass again but my login still works, I hope Steve and Mary know how humbly, eternally grateful I am for that.

I’m hoping to have a real post up later, and even more that you’re all well and enjoying your Christmas season. I still have to go shopping, of course, a task I loathe, ‘n well, you know, there’s Christmas paths to walk ahead of me, many to be thankfully avoided, but I’ve never had a consistently graceful life history about the whole season, you know what I’m sayin’.

Too much, obviously. I’ll check back in soon, please continue the open thread.

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