Sunday :: Dec 21, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

Digby dug up an old Peggy Noonan column where she opined on the wonderful character Bush had compared to Clinton and Gore. It's rather amusing to read this:

Mr. Bush has an instinctive personal modesty, an easygoing sense of both human and governmental limits. He will know how to step aside and let the country take center stage; he will know how to show respect for others; he will not bray endlessly about his own excellence, will not compare himself to Nelson Mandela, Mark McGuire, or the heroes of the novels "Love Story" or "Darkness at Noon"; he will not discuss his underpants.

Since then we have seen Bush compare himself to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Abraham Lincoln. Instead of the cartoon character which she wrote about, Noonan should have seen the signs that Bush has serious delusions of grandeur. Too bad she couldn't figure that out earlier.

Your turn now.

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