Wednesday :: Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Left Coasters!

by paradox

Here we are again, good people, another Christmas is now upon us, another year in the memory slot almost sealed off with sugary icing and sleigh bells. I hope your Christmas is filled with light, loved ones, and a simple celebration of being together.

If life is difficult, as Dr. Peck says, then I have always just as inherently known that being an American is difficult. We work very hard, we serve and die for causes and industry with profound selflessness, spend too little time with our families, and live in an electronic pixel whirl that often pushes our souls into impossibly beautiful dreams.

Swirl in an election of frenetic energy and tectonic expectations for change that seemingly must take forever to arrive makes this an even more difficult American holiday season. Unsurprisingly, media jackals have changed not at all, while our own people are brought forth to lead---someday—powerless in true authority, merely rotating paper media targets for sputtering pundits, as powerless to fight back as any flimsy firing range figure.

Goaded and fed by it from leadership putridly scarred upon our character, fear has far too often been our handmaiden these last eight years, the reckoning finally here in smashed industry titans, choked by consumers to fearful to commit to a future, lying, fraud and suicide seemingly our American way in a land of terror alerts.

So unnecessary. So many of the trials of my life have been self-inflicted, yes, but far too many bashed me around from a society and culture that did not have to be. That is why I blog, to try anything to make our country a free and better place. For all of our people, every one. I too often childishly refuse to believe it, but I am one of the lucky ones in this great country, so many face such a more perilous life than mine.

I am here. I am often lost and blindly charging around with tools I still clumsily handle, but despite all that has happened I am alive to serve and help, there is never an option to give up on what we know is the right thing to do. Personally and as a people we can look around and see what happens when we forget that.

But still so very privileged to be alive, to learn and smile and somehow grow, no matter how seemingly tiny our small human acts still so large for the souls around us. No matter what the markets do or how the atmosphere fares, there’s still a lot of love in this world. Every time I turn around I see it, am awed and humbled by it, it springs forth endlessly everywhere, just from humans given the chance at being themselves.

That will always be my path as I serve my country. No matter what happens, no matter how many mistakes I make, no matter how bad it gets in our busy frantic lives or how many times I stumble, I will be here to help choose what is best for our all of our people in a country of peace, love, equality, opportunity and tolerance.

Merry Christmas, Left Coasters! I’m around, of course, y’all know I like to prowl the blogs at holiday time. Eat well, hold the loved ones tight, and may the peace and love of Christmas always be with you.

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