Tuesday :: Dec 30, 2008

Heckuva Job Olmert

by Deacon Blues

Israel has sent up a trial balloon just now that they might consider a suspension of the Gaza aerial bombardment, if Hamas suspends its rocket attacks into southern Israel. As proof that the Gaza military campaign is largely for domestic political purposes, the IDF is singing a different and more pragmatic tone than the Olmert regime. While Defense Minister Ehud Barak speaks drivel about destroying Hamas, the IDF talks simply of reducing Hamas's ability to send rockets into Israel, and expresses a willingness to halt the offensive if Hamas halts the rockets for now.

Note that Israel is reacting to international pressure from Europe and the UN, but nowhere to be found is any pressure from the Bush Administration. Yet someone needs to stop Olmert from helping to resuscitate Hamas, which is what Olmert and his wobegone team are doing with this campaign, instead of seeking international condemnation for Hamas's cease fire violations.

As to expected, we may never know exactly what is going on, and who is being killed inside Gaza, thanks to the IDF.

The basic calculus that an Obama administration needs to change is the unwillingness of all sides to talk to each other without achieving preconditions first. The Bush Administration and the Olmert government refuse to talk with Hamas (even though they were democratically elected after an insistence by Bush for elections) until Hamas renounces its desire to destroy Israel. Hamas refuses to commit to a de-escalation and major cease fire if it is preconditioned on their renunciation first, having seen that the cease fire from June had gotten them nothing from Israel or the Bush Administration.

As an aside, is there any bigger know-nothing jerk than White House spokesmonkey Gordon Johndroe, aside from Dana Perino?

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