Tuesday :: Dec 30, 2008

Still No Domestic Stimulus Plan

by Deacon Blues

The Wall Street Journal reports late this afternoon that congressional Democrats are already having to backslide on their timeline for a domestic stimulus package. Is this because of GOP threats to obstruct the effort? No. It's because they still don't have an outline of the desired package from the Obama transition team.

The Democratic leadership wanted to get the incoming administration's desired package, at least in outline form, by last week. Yet they still have nothing from Team Obama, despite weeks of discussions on the Hill with members of the transition team. You'll recall that Team Obama decided to consult with a broad cross-section of economists in crafting policy, which is laudable. But the Democratic leadership also wanted to have a package ready for Obama to sign by the end of February, and as of January 1st, they not only don't have a proposal, they don't even have an outline from the transition team of what is being sought. If the leadership only receives an outline, weeks of hearings will be needed to flesh out a final package at a time when the GOP leadership has unified in its insistence that Congress know exactly what they are voting on and have time to understand it (unlike what the Bush Administration and GOP leadership did to congressional Democrats for 8 years).

Sure, it's a recipe for GOP obstructionism at the hearings. But I'd rather fight that battle and use the opportunity to kneecap the Republicans with their own voting records and behavior these last eight years. Democrats should hang them for wanting to delay help for Main Street, when these same GOP members had no problem rubber stamping Iraq war spending and the TARP for Wall Street.

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