Friday :: Jan 2, 2009

Conservatives Alarmed At Seeing Liberals

by Steve

This is the kind of story that should make you laugh out loud: conservatives are alarmed at the sight of liberals advising the incoming Obama administration. After eight years of doing everything to destroy the federal government, the Washington Post tells us that some conservatives are unhappy because liberals from the Clinton era are back inside the Beltway offering advice on policies and staff choices.

I have a two-word response to these conservatives: F*ck You, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way back to Neanderthal Estates.

This is what happens when conservatives feel they have an entitlement to control the federal government and regulatory apparatus. Their candidate just ran on their platform and got his head handed to him by a centrist Democrat, who is allowing the broadest possible input into his policies and agenda, and still there are knuckle-dragging goons who are unhappy that Obama isn’t only listening to slugs like them.

Well slugs, let me clue you in: You lost, and so did your agenda and your policies.

You ran this country into the ground, wrecked Main Street, handed over the Treasury to Wall Street and the Caymans, and have allowed Osama Bin Laden to roam free while you enriched yourselves and your disaster capitalism fascist friends these last eight years. And now you express fake concern and outrage that Obama is allowing the other side of the political spectrum a chance to be heard more than you? You should be glad that the new Justice Department doesn’t come looking for you, because if I were the new AG, my foot would be in your asses and you’d be losing sleep every day the next four years wondering when someone would be knocking at your door with a subpoena.

But then, that’s just me.

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