Tuesday :: Jan 6, 2009

Open Thread - Obama's Stumbles

by Steve

Simply put, I am appalled at the news that Obama has selected Leon Panetta to head the CIA. The Obama team selected Panetta without consulting any of the congressional Democrats leading the intelligence committees, perhaps wanting to avoid a leak. Yet the choice itself of a political manager who knows zip about the world of intelligence reeks of a White House that wants control of the apparatus through a master beancounter. This is far less desirable than redirecting the Agency's policies and improving its morale by appointing a capable veteran like Stephen Kappes.

Second, I am equally appalled to see the Obama team try and blame Bill Richardson for underestimating his exposure from a grand jury investigation first reported back in August, the details of which would have been unknown to him. Team Obama is now smoothly throwing Richardson under the bus for their own vetting process and willingness to nominate someone possibly tied to a public and active grand jury investigation. But then, they got what they wanted from Richardson: a Hillary supporter who turned against her, a national Latino political supporter who delivered a key state, who never got the job he really wanted (Secretary of State) and is now not getting any job at all.

OK, your turn.

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