Tuesday :: Jan 6, 2009

Coupla Things

by paradox

I do not wait well, as my readers know, and I’m much busier at work than I expected to be, so I have just a few general observations this morning before I scurry off. I do wish I had waited on that work from yesterday, I’m sure Dr. Chu is a nice man who tries hard, but with the price of oil in a graph splat and so much else to do Energy will slide to the back burner on the DC agenda, it’s inevitable and creases me sideways, we have to move on this.

/* Wev.1 Gratitude is a blessed thing, so thank you twice, Bob Herbert, for so masterfully hitting home the utter futility of Afghanistan but much more importantly adding the human element of lost American lives, which amazingly and tragically are somehow usually never part of the discussion. I’m simply bewildered by this entire filthy war that has no end or purpose, how our people are blithely tossed to the worst of human fates with no thought or mention at all.

I can fight, I have wartime service, I live in the reality of the planet. You write like you want to stop all wars, paradox, a reader commented to me once. Well, what the fuck would Jesus do? Again, when the Mexicans start massing tanks on the border I’ll be truly worried about national security, and that’s precisely the priority it deserves for all Americans.

/* There is nothing to make my political heart dance with joy that matches the bliss of one Dianne Feinstein, one of my own dear Senators, slimily flushing precious tenets of freedom and democracy down the toilet and then somehow whining about not being in prison. After the utter fiasco of appointing Obama’s replacement everyone is retchingly sick of the Senate and I hope Axelrod uses what Digby says and simply, immediately, makes shut Dianne up. That or stay out of prison, Californian, no one has a shred of mental energy to waste on you otherwise, felon, certainly not me, so try to walk the earth with honor. For once.

/* Congratulations and good luck to Senator Al Franken, it’s a very good day. Your insipid Senator colleagues have been lukewarm because Republicans are berserk at your victory and it makes those bb’s they call testicles tremble with fear, but perhaps a walking example of simple plain bravery will change them some. Maybe.

Okay, I should go. Have a great day, Left Coasters.

[1] From the inimitable Melissa McEwan, it's short for whatever. The /* to start each element is the code start for comments in cascading style sheets, or css, that position and format html files.

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