Tuesday :: Jan 6, 2009

Screw Feinstein

by Deacon Blues

One of the good things writing for a blog like this one is the freedom to disagree with the Executive Editor and tell him when he's full of sh*t.

So DiFi and Jay Rockefeller have their noses out of bent because Obama didn't consult with them before it leaked (by Capitol Hill sources apparently) that he was going to select Leon Panetta for CIA director.

Who the f*ck cares what DiFi and Rockefeller think at all about national intelligence? Both of these traitors have enabled every illegal thing that Bush has done these last eight years, ranging from the Geneva Convention war crimes and CIA interrogation and rendition policies, to the FISA gutting and domestic spying illegalities. Both have sat by, gotten briefings, and allowed it all to happen, and are just as guilty of treason as the administration is. And I'm now supposed to care that DiFi thinks that Panetta is a bad choice?

The truth is that Obama is bringing in a fresh set of players at CIA, National Intelligence, and at Justice to clean up this mess, and that means rats like Feinstein and Rockefeller should sweat. So should those at the Agency who saluted and went along with war crimes and the trashing of the Constitution. I hope Panetta and the new team at Justice make DiFi squirm and throw it back in her face, and remind her that she could be next.

So do I care that Obama sent a message that DiFi can go pound sand on intelligence issues these next eight years? Yes. I love it.

And DiFi and Jay Rockefeller can go to hell. If the pick is OK with Russ Feingold, and if DiFi is unhappy that Ron Wyden knew about it and not her, she should get the message: your enabling of criminal activity has a price.

And thanks again Steve for letting me disagree with you.

P. S. - And while we're on the subject of stupid Democrats, for God's sake Harry Reid, get off your clueless ass and seat Mr. Burris from Illinois. You have no legal reason to stop him from taking Obama's slot, since he was appointed legally by a governor who has yet to be impeached or removed from office.

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