Sunday :: Jan 11, 2009

Echoes of the Bush Administration

by eriposte

Via Juan Cole, here's a YouTube version of a short news video from the Canadian news agency CBC. The CBC news correspondent discusses three equally disturbing and shocking aspects of the Israeli's Government's actions.

First, the video discusses the arrangement between the Israeli government and their own media on censorship of the news coverage of Israeli military actions and how one Israeli TV channel broke with the Israeli Government and decided to air some shocking footage anyway. The response from an Israeli spokesperson is telling - discussing why the media needs to support Israel through self-censorship. Aside from being reminiscent of some Bushies in the past era, no amount of sheer revulsion will do justice to this travesty. It not only reflects poorly on the current Israeli leadership but more than calls into question their commitment to democratic ideals. 

Second, the video shows shocking actions by some Israeli security forces in Gaza including their unacceptable delay in calling for the medical care for a badly injured Palestinian civilian despite the repeated entreaties of her husband and the tears of her daughter - the woman ultimately died. I touched upon incidents like this in my previous post regarding what kinds of actions are allowed during war and what kinds of actions are inconsistent with the rules of COIN operations.

Third, included in this video is a racist comment from one of the Israeli soldiers. Now, I'm not going to equate the comment of one soldier with that of all soldiers or for that matter all Israelis because not all Israeli soldiers or Israelis share this soldier's sentiment. That said, it is a reflection of either the depth of ignorance or the extent of gullibility of this soldier that people like him have created a one-sided reality of their conflict thanks to the relentless right-wing propaganda in some of the Israeli media, helped along by some of their propaganda-loving leaders. It reminds me of the extraordinarily gullible in the US, who convinced themselves that the invasion of Iraq was the right response to 9/11, in no small part to the relentless Bush-friendly propaganda in the American media at the time.

I have no sympathy for Hamas, but the Israeli leaders have made it clear they want to out-compete Hamas on who can produce the most propaganda, censor opposing views, reject basic tenets of Democracy, and fight without adequate care for civilian lives. In doing so, they have already lost the moral dimension of their war, regardless of its final outcome.

P.S. Read Anthony Cordesman of CSIS and Tom Segev of Haaretz who as an op-ed in the Washington Post.

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