Tuesday :: Jan 13, 2009

Clinton Confirmation Hearing Preview

by eriposte

This is from Laura Rozen at The Cable:

You can find a 79-page sneak preview of HRC's answers to incoming SFRC chairman John Kerry's prepared questions here (pdf, ~4.5 MB), some regarding donors to her husband's foundation. Also of note: Clinton tells Kerry, "No final decisions have been made on special envoys for South Asia."

One aide who encountered Clinton on her rounds visiting every member of the SFRC last week offered, "Overall, I was very impressed by HRC... She clearly has done her homework; she spoke with a clear command of the issues, and not just at a superficial level, but really getting into the details. She really wants to restore the Department's capabilities and resources."

Laura has more at this link. I found it interesting that no decision has been made yet on an envoy to South Asia. I would suggest that Sen. Clinton take her time to identify the most appropriate person for this role.

I am planning to focus more on South Asia in my foreign policy blogging in the coming months. One of the areas I'm going to try and write a bit about is the Kashmir issue, particularly some of the history behind Kashmir - but I will likely discuss other aspects as well, especially in the context of conflicts or challenges in other countries. India, in particular, has had a tremendous history as a young democracy (albeit a somewhat flawed one) where it has learnt and continues to learn an enormous amount on how to deal with massive socio-economic, religious, linguistic and cultural issues and conflicts without disintegrating or devolving into a dictatorship. I personally think that policy makers in the United States could benefit from learning more about India in general - not just Kashmir - and I will try to highlight some pertinent aspects of the Indian history and experience in my blogging.

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