Friday :: Jan 16, 2009

Almost Over

by paradox

Today at last all of the Republicans except for a few security desks will be out of the Executive Branch and this incredibly long nightmare of a Bush presidency will be over. To me it’s not a relief, just the very last hours of a profound tragedy that was always maddening in its stupidity, incompetence, and innate ability to almost always do the wrong thing.

This also is a huge personal milestone for me, the minute I heard Wolf Blitzer announce on CNN that the Supreme Court was stopping the election I knew I was going to get politically active, somehow, somewhere, to try and stop this criminal insanity. Given my history and the tools available to me it was probably not a wise personal choice, but I think I would have grown significantly less despite all the roiling stabs of anger and exasperation writing about politics has put me through.

Now that we are finally here I suppose it’s time to put forth some firm generalizations of the era and my views in the matter. It certainly portends to a grim, wearying task after a long week in a time I’m having some troubles, but the blog is empty’n I will try. No matter what happened along the way I always showed up and tried.

No cursory study of the Bush presidency could every be put forth without the stark heinous truth Election 2000 was stolen, right at that point we lost a huge element of our Democracy and the Judicial Branch once and for all settled the issue on what political jackals they are, America is not a land of rational jurisprudence. I lost an enormous amount of respect and esteem for the legal profession after Bush vs Gore and it’s never really come back.

Naturally every Republican alive vehemently denies the theft of Election 2000, the corporate press enables them and after the fun experience of getting ripped off I get to be described as angry and bitter. It’s wearying but I’m long used to it, I shrug at the lies and denial and state the facts yet again anyway.

Ah yes, our darling journalism corps, The Village crew of establishment, enabling, dissembling, distraction, and unaccountability. A quarter of my posts and the liberal blogosphere solely exists to combat the lying and incompetence of our alleged journalism professionals to plainly deliver the truth in the news. Currently we have a journalism corps more content to enable a false war for better ratings, I don’t see things as changed at all since 2003, and we have a crippled country and Democracy for it.

If the enabling and distraction weren’t bad enough in the news the content of violence has been absolutely horrifying. Hundreds of thousands dead and an incredible fortune wasted, all by choice and all against long-held Democratic traditions. Our Congress has forgotten their duty to declare war and foolishly, stupidly, gave it all over to the new King President. The results are plain to see and we have a long, long way to go as a people to grow out of this insane impulse for killing and violence.

Bush’s disregard for human life was as strong for his disdain for the American people, he repeatedly flouted our laws, lied to us, left us in incredible debt and a horrendous economic downturn. What he did to New Orleans will always leave me deeply ashamed as an American, even more for what we’ve done in Iraq.

Well well, this certainly cheered me up! There is such a long way to go but thankfully so little space, so at last we get to arrive to the silver lining of Bush, he so completely blew up the Republican brand and reputation those thugs are way out power for a long time. One of the great blows of the Bush era was the inability to beat him in 2004, but even if Democrats lose the Executive somehow in 2016 I see a firmly Democratic Congress until at least 2020.

They did not earn it, and no, I’m not going there, everyone knows the competency level of the Democratic Party and what we have to do. I have great hopes for President Obama’s leadership to develop some tactical and unity skills.

Finally I will say that even though we lost in 2004 and the White House is ours now that I am not finished in the screens. I have no idea what the future will bring, I’m sorta in a tumble mode emotionally, right, but I need to serve and I’m sure there’s some good I can do.

There is so much to do in the coming years to rebuild from this disaster of a Bush Presidency. I don’t want to miss out on it, it’s my duty not to, and I will continue to show up in my tiny way, we can and have to be a much better country than we’ve been.

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