Saturday :: Jan 17, 2009

Bush's Legacy and Obama's Potential

by Mary

Too many Bush backers fail to understand the total failure of Bush's Presidency. For example, here's what Mark McKinnon thinks happened to Bush's ability to succeed:

Mark McKinnon, chief campaign media adviser to George W. Bush: My view is that civility was a heartfelt, well-intended objective that went right off the rails the day of the recount. The recount poisoned the well from the beginning. A good number of people in this country didn’t believe Bush was a legitimate president. And you can’t change the tone under those circumstances. There was a genuine effort, and I think there was some early success with Ted Kennedy and the education stuff. But it was acrimonious from the beginning.

What McKinnon fails to remember is the remarkable moment after 9/11 when people across the nation, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, were truly united in their desire to see Bush succeed. Bush had an incredible opportunity and from the public, a well of support, that could have truly made a remarkably successful Presidency. He threw it away by being the President for Republicans only. He used his Presidency to stick it to his opponents and to enrich his supporters. No wonder his failure was so monumental.

Today, less than a week to Obama's inauguration, he is being given a tremendous level of support from the American public to be successful. Even IBM's CEO says that the most important thing for America is to make President Obama successful. With such a high level of hope and support from the public, he has the potential of being a truly transformative President. But it will be based on what he does, just as Bush's failure was based on what he did.

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