Sunday :: Jan 18, 2009

Open Thread

by Mary

As we bid adieu to George W Bush, it is good to remember he has stacked up quite a few record breaking stats for a President. Two that are worth noting are

  • his 22% approval rating as he leaves office - it's the lowest any President has achieved

  • the record number of vacation days he took, over 450 days (or more than a full year in 8 years), but who's counting?

Both of his greatest failures were associated with his penchant for taking his vacations seriously. First there was that little daily briefing memo on August 6, 2001 that he ignored about how al Qaeda was determined to strike the US when he was too busy clearing bush to spend time on something like that. And second, it was in 2005 when he racked up more vacation time than Reagan did in his full 8 years. It was that month that Bush had important things to do, like spending time biking with Lance Armstrong and ignoring another message about how dangerous Katrina could be from Max Mayfield from the Hurricane Center. Obviously, he didn't need to bother his pretty little head about problems that just didn't seem as important as giving him his due time off.

What other records has he broken which we should commemorate upon his leaving?

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